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Dividing Retirement Plans in a Divorce

Often, some of the largest assets that need to be divided in a divorce are retirement plans including IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions and similar. In Minnesota, property either spouse acquires during the marriage (with limited exceptions) is marital property…
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How Do I Find Out About My Spouse's Assets in a Divorce?

Part of every Minnesota divorce is a division of marital property. Sometimes there’s little property to divide, and spouses work this aspect of divorce out on their own. More often, attorneys are involved in negotiating the division of assets a…
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Ex is Not Complying with the Divorce Decree

My Ex is Not Complying with the Divorce Decree — What Now?

Few things are more frustrating than an ex-spouse who refuses to comply with some aspect of the divorce decree. Whether you arrived at your decree after extensive settlement discussions or a trial, it’s important that both you and your ex-spous…
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Early Neutral Evaluation for Divorce

What to Expect from Early Neutral Evaluation

If you’ve filed for divorce, or have filed a custody action in Minnesota, the court may ask you to participate in an Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) if you did not resolve all the contested issues in your case at your Initial Case Management Con…
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Divorce for Small Business Owner

Divorce Considerations for Small Business Owners

Property division can be a bone of contention in any divorce, but for small business owners, the issue is especially fraught. Not only may the business make up a significant part of the marital assets, it may also be the primary source of income for…
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What is Spousal Maintenance?

What is Spousal Maintenance?

Few issues in divorce are the subject of as much misunderstanding as spousal maintenance, commonly referred to as alimony. Many people imagine spousal maintenance to be a thing of the past, a relic of the era when men worked outside the home, and wom…
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How to Choose an Attorney

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

If you’re considering divorce, or your spouse has already filed for divorce, you’re about to go through one of the most important transitions of your life. One of the first, and most important, decisions you’ll have to make in this…
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Divorce Cost

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Minnesota?

Knowing the average cost of a divorce is like knowing the average cost of a house. In reality, there is wide variation, so that an average isn’t really that helpful. Unlike with buying a house, however, spending more doesn’t necessarily s…
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Minnesota Contested Divorce

What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is simply a divorce in which you and your spouse have not reached agreement on all terms, including child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and division of property and debt. The phrase “contested d…
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Uncontested Divorce

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

The very word “divorce” conjures up images of bickering, fighting, and drawn-out court battles. But what if you and your spouse are in agreement, not just about the need to divorce, but on all the terms? You are probably candidates for an unconte…
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