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The word "divorce" brings to mind, for most people, thoughts of bitter courtroom battles between spouses and their lawyers. When a divorce is obtained through litigation, this kind of outcome is entirely possible. But, a fairly new development in the law allows couples to dissolve their marriage in a civilized, fulfilling manner, without the resentment bred by litigation.

That development is known as collaborative law, and at Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., we believe it can often provide families with a brighter post-divorce life than traditional litigation. Collaborative law gives power to the couple rather to a judge, who does not know or understand your family personally. Cooperation and respect are encouraged over conflict and stress.

Understanding Collaborative Law

In the collaborative law process, a couple works alongside a team of dedicated professionals, which can include a child specialist, financial neutral, divorce coach and/or a mediator. The process is child-focused and tailored to meet your post-divorce individual and group goals. The parties and their attorneys sign a participation agreement pledging to stay out of court. This pledge often enables couples to exchange ideas freely and openly, because the specter of litigation has been removed.

Along with the team, the parties are then free to work out arrangements regarding every issue involved in any divorce, including:

You Can End Your Marriage the Way It Began: With a 'Yes'

As members of the Collaborative Law Institute, our Eden Prairie attorneys believe that collaborative law can benefit many families. When parties, attorneys and any other chosen professionals come together to reach goals, the results can be powerful and enduring. The cornerstone of collaborative divorce is the commitment to negotiate honestly and respectfully. When done under proper guidance, you and your former spouse can find a way to move into the next phase of your lives as healthy, dignified individuals.

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