Bloomington Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a difficult process even under the best of circumstances. Questions about your children's futures and your own can be hard to answer, an uncertainty that leaves you feeling uneasy. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can help make sense of the process and protect your interests.

At Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., we focus exclusively on divorce and its related issues, including child custody and visitation, spousal maintenance (alimony), child support and property division. Our Bloomington divorce attorneys give every client personal attention and the benefit of our 20-plus years of combined legal experience.

Which Divorce Solution Is Right for You?

Our firm does not take a "cookie cutter" approach to divorce law. We realize that every family has different needs and goals, so we tailor our approach to address the unique situation of each family.

We offer clients many options for resolving divorce disputes, including:

  • A settlement-oriented approach: Even though you may not agree with your spouse on certain issues related to your divorce, seeking court intervention is not the only option. We can engage the other side in settlement discussions and negotiate an agreement with little to no court involvement.
  • Collaborative law : The collaborative process allows for a free flow of information in a dignified and respectful setting. In a collaborative divorce, a couple works together and with a team of skilled professionals to decide issues for themselves, rather than turn it over to a judge. The parties sign a contract pledging to stay out of court.
  • Mediation: Mediation allows a couple to talk through their issues, with the help of a neutral mediator. Ashley Bloch and Cortney Whitehouse are available to act as family mediators in the divorce process, helping spouses settle their disputes as efficiently as possible.
  • Limited representation: Especially useful in uncontested divorce cases, limited representation allows you and your spouse to agree on the terms of your divorce, then come to us for assistance in drafting and filing the documents.
  • Litigation: When there is no other viable option to fairly resolve your dispute, we are always fully prepared to advocate for your interests in court.

Whatever divorce resolution method is ultimately chosen, our skilled lawyers will guide you along the way. We will help you resolve all divorce-related issues as efficiently as possible so you can move successfully into the next phase of your life.

Contact an Eden Prairie Divorce Attorney

If you are facing a divorce, whether contested or uncontested, Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., will work toward a favorable resolution that sets you up to enjoy a happy post-divorce life. Contact us online or by telephone at 952-224-9977 to arrange a free consultation with a skilled Minnesota divorce lawyer. We represent men and women from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eagan, Bloomington, Burnsville and throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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