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Custody, Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications

Have your circumstances changed since your divorce, custody or child support order was entered? Has your income decreased or the other party’s income increased? Is your parenting time arrangement outdated or not working for you or your children?

The family law attorneys at Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., in Bloomington, Minnesota, can assist you in reviewing your existing order to determine if a modification can be requested and whether or not you would be successful. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer.

We represent clients in modifications involving:

Representing Your Interests in Post-Divorce Modifications

People’s life situations are continually changing. Many times, clients are able to reach a post-divorce modification agreement with their ex that addresses the change in circumstances. In these cases, the attorneys at Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., can draft a legally binding agreement into a court order that is mailed into the court for entry. In those circumstances, no court appearance is required.

In other cases, where the parties cannot reach an agreement on the issue in dispute, a motion hearing would be scheduled. As we do with all of our family law matters, we will make efforts to resolve your case outside of court prior to the hearing, utilizing various settlement tools such as mediation and settlement conferences. If settlement efforts are not productive, we will work closely with you to construct well-drafted legal documents explaining your circumstances to the court. We will also appear in court on your behalf to advocate for your positions.

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