High-Asset Divorce

Edina High-Asset Divorce Attorneys

For couples of high net worth who are now facing the prospect of divorce, lifestyle maintenance and asset division are a major concern. Finding long-lasting solutions to these complex issues requires the attention of a skilled attorney who has experience representing couples with extensive holdings.

At Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., we provide detail-oriented and truly comprehensive representation for high net worth clients in the Twin Cities. With more than 20 years of combined experience, our Eden Prairie high-asset divorce lawyers have the knowledge and skill required to protect your assets and ensure a fair division of property.

Full-Service Representation in Minnesota High Net Worth Divorce Matters

The main objectives in most high-asset divorce cases are asset protection and cash flow. Both parties want to maintain a lifestyle as close as possible to that which he or she enjoyed during the marriage. This goal can cause a great deal of friction and animosity between the parties. One of our strengths as a firm is our ability to deal with tension in a productive way.

As in the majority of divorce cases, high net worth cases involve division of property and debt. However, the process can be significantly more complex for sizeable marital estates. Working with accountants, business valuation specialists, tax professionals and other reliable experts, our attorneys work toward fair property settlements that take all assets and obligations into account, including:

You have worked hard to acquire your assets and income. Let us help you protect them through the divorce process.

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