Our Strengths

Our Strengths

When you choose a firm to handle your family law matter, you're not just putting your case in their hands; you're putting your life in their hands. At Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., we are mindful of what's at stake every time a client entrusts a case to us. Here are some of the reasons our clients trust us with their cases, and why colleagues and clients alike refer others to us.

We do one thing, and we do it well. At Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A., family law is all that we do. Just as you wouldn't have a doctor in general practice perform heart surgery on you, you don't want a lawyer who does "a little bit of everything" handling your divorce. We are deeply familiar with Minnesota family law, with courts, and with the divorce process--not to mention the particular challenges faced by clients going through a divorce or other family law matter.

We focus on our clients' needs. Many lawyers tell you how they're going to win your case before they ever ask you what winning means to you. We love to achieve successful outcomes for our clients, but we respect our clients as individuals. The first thing we do is find out what a successful case outcome would look like to them. Everything flows from that: we find out exactly where you want to go, and then we figure out the best way to help you get there.

We have a wide skill set. We may do only one thing--family law--but that doesn't mean we do it only one way. Because every family's needs are different, we have to be able to offer a wide variety of legal options to be able to achieve each client's goal in the most effective way. Litigation--going to court--is necessary for some cases, but for others, there are more amicable ways to resolve family law disputes. We offer early neutral evaluation (ENE), mediation, Collaborative Divorce, and negotiation as well as litigation. This allows us to customize our legal approach to your specific needs.

We're experienced. In law, good intentions aren't enough--you have to know what you're doing, and there is simply no substitute for experience. We've been handling family law cases for well over a decade. Whether in a conference room for settlement talks or a courtroom for trial, we have the skill and experience to handle your family law matter.

We're efficient. Everyone wants the best divorce attorney available, but no one has unlimited resources. At the same time, low prices are no bargain if your case is handled poorly. At Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A.., we offer our clients value--excellent service at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on our efficiency so that we can serve you as well as we want to without you paying more than you need to.

We're here for you. If you need a family law attorney, you're almost certainly under a lot of stress. When you have questions, you need them answered quickly and completely. It's important to us that our clients feel heard and respected, and as if their attorney is someone they can really count on.

We look forward to answering your questions about whether Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A. is the right law firm for you. We invite you to contact our office at (952) 224-9977 to schedule a consultation.