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What is Spousal Maintenance?

What is Spousal Maintenance?

Few issues in divorce are the subject of as much misunderstanding as spousal maintenance, commonly referred to as alimony. Many people imagine spousal maintenance to be a thing of the past, a relic of the era when men worked outside the home, and wom… Read More
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Can I Modify My Minnesota Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is awarded in some Minnesota divorces to provide for the support of a party who is not in a position to support him or herself. Depending on the circumstances, spousal maintenance may be for a relatively short duration to allow th… Read More
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Minnesota Spousal Maintenance: What You Should Know

Spousal maintenance, often referred to as spousal support or alimony, can be an important component of a ​Minnesota divorce. Whether spousal maintenance is awarded, how much is awarded, and for how long, depends on a variety of factors. Support is… Read More
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