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Child Custody Battle

How Not to Behave During a Custody Battle

A custody battle can transform an otherwise calm, rational, thoughtful individual into a whirling dervish of rage, anxiety, and bad behavior. People, like animals, tend to lash out when they’re threatened. And few things are more threatening th… Read More
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Moving Outside Minnesota: What Divorced Parents Need to Know

The formal end of a marriage causes many Minnesota parents to consider expanding their horizons, sometimes by moving out of state for a new job, to be closer to extended family, or for a new relationship. Of course, Minnesota law can’t prohibit… Read More
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What Does a Minnesota Parenting Consultant Do?

Minnesota makes the services of both Parenting Consultant and Parenting Time Expeditors (PTE) available to families going through a divorce or child custody dispute. It can be easy to confuse these two similar terms. This article discusses the role,… Read More
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What Does A Minnesota Parenting Time Expeditor Do?

Despite the best efforts of Minnesota courts to create parenting time orders that are comprehensive and clear, parenting time disputes inevitably arise. Sometimes, the dispute is relatively minor, and addressing it by going to court seems excessive.… Read More
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How the 2014 Change to Minnesota's Custody Law Affects You

Changes are coming to Minnesota child custody law. How, if at all, will they affect your family’s custody arrangements? Governor Dayton recently signed H.F. 2722 into law. This revision of existing law, which takes effect August 1, 2014, makes… Read More
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