Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to be divorced?

Minnesota does not have a mandatory waiting period for parties to be divorced. The time that it will take for your divorce to be finalized by the Court will vary by both county and the judge assigned to your case. The divorce process does not have to be lengthy but sometimes it takes time to gather information and work through the process.

How Much Will This Cost?

This is a question that we hear the most frequently from our clients. There is no definitive answer as many different factors can have an input on the final cost of your divorce proceedings. We tell our clients that we are only one party to the action and the other party, along with their attorney, can have a major impact on the cost of your divorce.

Some cases are straightforward with minimal issues in dispute and can be resolved at a reasonably low overall cost. Other cases are complex with many issues that need to be addressed in great detail. We do our best to give feedback on the options that can be pursued for each case and conduct a cost benefit analysis with our clients to determine the best path for your case.

There is a filing fee that is associated with the filing of a divorce petition that also varies county by county with the average cost at $400.00 in Minnesota.

At Bloch & Whitehouse, P.A. we strive to keep your costs down while advocating for your best interests.

How much money should I prepare to spend to start my divorce?

Typically, divorce attorneys will require a retainer fee and quote you their hourly rate for their attorney services. We require a retainer to start your divorce and the retainer is refundable, meaning that any part that is not expended for attorney’s fees or expenses will be refunded to you. The amount of the retainer will be based upon our assessment of how complex the case will be and what will probably need to be done to move it toward a conclusion.

What other expenses besides legal fees could be incurred for my divorce?

Many cases do not require additional expenses beyond your legal fees. However, if your case does need the input of an expert here are a few estimates of average expenses that can be incurred for services besides legal fees:

• Home Appraisal: $350-$450

• Actuarial Services: $350-$500

• Process Server: $40-$75

• Vocational Evaluation $1,500

• Private Custody Evaluation $3,000-$10,000

• Personal Property Appraiser $100+ per hour