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Representing Clients in Child Custody and Visitation Modifications

At Bloch and Whitehouse, P.A., we help parents modify existing child custody and parenting plans to meet the evolving needs of their family and defend against requests to do so, depending on our client's circumstances. We offer clients the personal representation they deserve, while serving their needs and protecting the best interests of their children.

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What Warrants a Child Custody Modification?

Child custody and parenting time (visitation) orders are agreed to or ordered by the Court upon careful consideration of a child's best interest. As such, they cannot be changed on a whim. Rather, in the case of a new parenting time schedule, a parent must prove that the change serves the children's best interest. In the case of a change of custody, a parent must also prove a change in circumstances as well as integration or endangerment to a child.

A person seeking to modify an existing order, or to prevent child custody modification, must first try to resolve the issue through family law mediation. This gives parents the chance to discuss the issue openly. We serve as your representative during mediation or can serve as the mediator during modification discussions. We will help you make sound decisions about your future and that of your child.

We understand, however, that some disputes cannot be resolved outside of court. As experienced family law attorneys, we will be assertive advocates of your position.

Parent and Child Relocation

There are several reasons why someone may request to modify an existing child custody or parenting time plan, but one of the most challenging to resolve is child and parent relocation. When a parent wishes to move away, there are several factors to consider regarding the situation:

  • Is the relocation justified, and/or in the best interests of the children?
  • How does the move-away affect parenting time schedules?
  • Will the relocation affect child support payments?

At Bloch and Whitehouse, P.A., we help our clients wade through the complex issues and obtain a favorable result. look for creative solutions to these difficult cases.

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