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Divorce Cost

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Minnesota?

Knowing the average cost of a divorce is like knowing the average cost of a house. In reality, there is wide variation, so that an average isn’t really that helpful. Unlike with buying a house, however, spending more doesn’t necessarily s…
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Minnesota Contested Divorce

What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is simply a divorce in which you and your spouse have not reached agreement on all terms, including child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and division of property and debt. The phrase “contested d…
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Uncontested Divorce

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

The very word “divorce” conjures up images of bickering, fighting, and drawn-out court battles. But what if you and your spouse are in agreement, not just about the need to divorce, but on all the terms? You are probably candidates for an unconte…
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How to Divorce in Minnesota

How to Divorce in Minnesota

Deciding that you need to file for divorce is one thing; actually starting a divorce takes the decision from the realm of intention into the real world. Having to navigate the legal process would be intimidating, even without the painful and difficul…
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Family Law

What Do Family Lawyers Do?

Of all the types of law practice out there, family law is one that most people are likely to come in contact with. While family law attorneys are often portrayed uncharitably on television, in reality, family lawyers are often a tremendous source of…
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Understanding Marital and…

Understanding Marital and Nonmarital Property

One of the primary issues that will need to be resolved in a divorce is the division of property between the parties. In Minnesota, property that gets divided between the parties in a divorce is called marital property. Property that belongs exclusiv…
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Child Custody Battle

How Not to Behave During a Custody Battle

A custody battle can transform an otherwise calm, rational, thoughtful individual into a whirling dervish of rage, anxiety, and bad behavior. People, like animals, tend to lash out when they’re threatened. And few things are more threatening th…
Selling Your Home During Divorce

Five Tips for Selling Your House During Your Divorce

Selling a family home can be difficult under the best of circumstances. The home you shared with your spouse, in which you raised your children, is filled with all kinds of memories. When it comes to divorce, however, selling the marital home, painfu…
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Changing Your Name After…

Changing Your Name After Divorce

Divorce is a time of many changes. Many women in Minnesota change their names when they get married, and are faced with the decision whether to change it back if they get divorced. While this issue used to be exclusively a concern for women, a small…
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Living Together in Minnesota: How to Protect Yourself

There are many reasons you and your romantic partner might decide to live together without getting married. You may be expecting a child together. You may feel a commitment to each other, but not feel quite ready to take the leap that marriage entail…
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